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Good Vibrations

November 14, 2008

Cover to the Beach Boys 1966 Capitol Records single, “Good Vibrations.” (lyrics)

Good good good good vibrations
(oom bop bop)
Shes giving me excitations
(oom bop bop excitations)
Good good good good vibrations
(oom bop bop)
Shes giving me excitations
(oom bop bop excitations)

Joyful music and reduce stress, according to Science Friday, which opened today with strains from the Beach Boys hit (or by a trick of memory was it something else and I’ve just substituted?) Guests included Michael Miller,Director of Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

As I emailed Jill Card from the C’ville, “

we contra dancers should be most able to deal with stress–seeing as we’re also getting cardio exercise as we listen. (Especially if we eat dark chocolate during the breaks.)

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What I did today in addition to blogging

Volunteered over at NewsTrust. Sigh. This last because I wonder if they will hire me again if I’m working so much for free. NewsTrust and 34 sites are contending for the We Media Game Changers awards.

Who is reading my blog today

Among others, someone from Prince Georges County, MD, wanted to know about Bush’s last minute regulations. And although the election was over 10 days ago, someone in Södertälje, Sweden(! native city of Bjorn Borg and journalist Jan Guillou) wants to know where the losing candidate, John McCain, stands on issues of war and peace. And someone from LA found my blog from a google image search that yielded Mark Fiori’s terrific cartoon on the unitary executive.


Memorial Day at Poplar Forest

May 25, 2008

Photo of Poplar Forest from a nearby Baptist conference center’s tourist info.

Tomorrow Barry and I will make our fourth trip to Poplar Forest for Memorial Day. Here’s a poem I wrote on the first visit.


Thomas Jefferson
rode the ninety miles
two days on horseback
three by carriage:
this octagon villa
his retreat from public life
at Monticello.

Sated on soda bread
a magnum of wine
we stretch out under the farthest surviving poplar
watch cumulous clouds dock and disolve.
One evokes a falcon
its swoop of wings, its talons.
Above us, the bough trimmed severely,
the poplar’s leaves crowd in along remaining wood
as if to compensate for phantom limbs.

On the house tour we learn
Tom’s slaves cast and laid a quarter million bricks
according to his design directly to clay
with no foundation.
After one hundred eighty-seven years
the skeleton of bricks remains intact
paint scaled off a coat at a time
then plaster, all stored to stoppered test tubes:
archeology essentially a deconstructive process.

Ghost marks on bricks
reveal a mantel here
a chair rail there,
let us glimpse the future restoration.
I prefer this bare brick:
strained backs of men and horses
beneath the great man’s surfaces.

And speaking of Memorial Day, here’s a baker’s dozen from NewsTrust on the Iraq War, something to keep in mind as we mark the day tomorrow.

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