News I found 7/19/08

My job on Saturdays is to prepare the feed for NewsTrust. All links are for the reviews at there, where you will find a link to the original stories.

  1. What about punishment?–Running a hospital This is interesting because a large Boston Hospital, one of whose surgeons committed a error, has already been covered in the Boston Globe…now the CEO weighs in on the internal debate
  2. Acceptance of Gay People in Military Grows Dramatically—WaPo
  3. Gramm’s Out: Minsk or Bust–Newsweek
  4. The missing numbers in the emissions equation–Sydney Morning Herald– Australia just presented its attempt at a nationwide scheme to cut greenhouse-gas emissions by 60% by 2050…The paper analyzes the working paper as part of a series I’ve linked to.
  5. Carbon play an act of belief–The Australian –an editorial on the same topic
  6. A Detailed Explanation Of How The BSA Misleads With Piracy Stats–TechDirt
  7. Prosecution of Bear Fund Managers Gets Underway in Brooklyn—WSJ
  8. Political harmony v. the rule of law–Salon (Greenwald)
  9. Across China, Security Instead Of Celebration—WaPo
  10. Uncomfortable Answers to Economic Questions—NYT
  11. Africa’s Last and Least—WaPo–This is the latest in a series of articles that the Post has been doing on the Global Food Crisis.
  12. Flip-Flop Flap–New Yorker
  13. Obama Travels to Afghanistan–WaPo
  14. McCain to Focus On Domestic Issues—WaPo
  15. Iraqis Differ on Obama’s Plans—WaPo
  16. U.S., Iraq Agree To ‘Time Horizon’—WaPo
  17. Self-Interest Is Bad?–Weekly Standard
  18. Crisis? What Crisis?–Time
  19. How to Save Afghanistan—Time
  20. Watching TV in Kabul—NYT
  21. The Next Kind of Integration—NYT
  22. Salafi Jihadists in Gaza: ‘Compared to Us, Hamas Is Islamism Lite’–Der Spiegel
  23. ‘As Soon as Possible’—Der Spiegel
  24. ‘The Tenure of Coalition Troops in Iraq Should Be Limited’—Der Spiegel
  25. Tim Duy: Not So Bad?–Economist’s View
  26. The Economy–Washington Monthly
  27. Bin Laden’s Soft Support–Washington Monthly


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