The Long Haul to Stop Global Warming (12/14/07)

The photo from the MySpace page of the band Here’s t0 the Long Haul, three of whose members played their “Mountain Resistance Music”at The Spanish House last night after a potluck featuring Darren’s chilli, Sally’s mousse and Kim’s shitaki pine nut dressing among other items.

Spent today helping Willie write materials for a piece of Blue Ridge Earth First street theater to take place soon in a venue near some of you. In keeping with the concept of security culture, developed by direct action groups after observing Counterintelpro, only a core group knows the details until the event takes place. I’m honored that a veteran of the Vietnam Era protests is trusted by the newest generation of activists. Watch here for news coverage, as the event starts. I can tell you that, just as the SE Climate Convergence piece featured polar bears and canaries, this will be about Santa and holiday carolers.

BREF’s street theater will come as climate talks deadlocked in Bali. Meanwhile the U.S. Senate has stripped H.R. 6 of clean energy investments funded through the elimination of tax breaks for fossil fuels, after a threatened Republican filibuster. And here in Virginia, criticism mounts regarding Dominion’s proposed coal-fired plant in Wise County, which will receive a public hearing before the State Corporation Commission January 8. BREF will also advocate support for Climate Action’s campaign opposing Dominion’s proposed coal-fired plant for Wise County. They plan to distribute d information, asking the public to attend the January 8 State Corporation hearing and to support local government resolutions to the Virginia General Assembly opposing the plant. Blacksburg was the first to pass such a resolution December 11, with others pending in Charlottesville,, Alexandria and Arlington County.

BREF!’s action is part of a national campaign by Rainforest Action Network. It follows a November 30 University of Virginia die-in at Bank of America’s University Avenue Branch in Charlottesville and BREF!’s August 31 banner drop at Virginia Tech’s War Memorial Chapel in Blacksburg in conjunction with demonstrations at banks in Blacksburg and Harrisonburg.

And here’s the December 15 update from Willie:

This morning at about 11:30, a small crew of Earth First! coal carolers entered a Bank of America in Charlottesville accompanied by Santa Claus who was attempting to deliver a sack of coal to the naughtiest corporation on his list. Donned in festive winter-time apparel the group began singing ‘The Twelve of Christmas’ with amended lyrics, “10 asthamatic children, nine leveled mountains, eight sludge-filled rivers… and there’s no such thing as clean coal!” while one group representative soapboxed on Bank of America’s practice of funding the coal industry and another distributed flyers to the huge line of folks waiting to make their transactions.

At first the bank manager and everyone else thought we were regular carolers, smiling and kind of enjoying it. Somewhere around “5 coal silos” they caught on and asked us to leave. After stalling for a brief while and wishing everyone in the bank a Happy Holidays, we departed without further incident.

Blue Ridge Earth First! has developed a number of coal carols, the lyrics to which will be found on our website ( very soon. We encourage others to replicate this very easy and very fun action.

laughter and a raised fist,
Blue Ridge Earth First!



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