Lamont supporting Dodd (12/13/07)

Chris Dodd (D-CT) campaigning for Ned Lamont last October 13 as posted on Flickr by Dodd’s campaign.

Dodd’s run for the Democratic presidential nomination first attracted my attention when Glen Greenwald revealed the Senator’s his strong advocacy for the Constitution.

Ned Lamont has supported Dodd since February for the same reason, as reported in The Nation, and was recently stumping for Dodd in Iowa. The Iowa Independent‘s John Deeth reports “Lamont Credits Blogs, Backs Dodd” on December 10, following up on another entertaining entry, “Loebsack Celebrates With Biden, Edwards; Without Endorsement” on December 8. The Independent is a project of the New Journalist fellows program of the Center for Indpendent Media. Other sites are the Colorado Confidential , the Michigan Messenger and the Minnesota Monitor . The Center is currently hiring for its soon-to-launch Washington DC program (application).

Despite the photo op above, October 22, 2006, the Connecticut Post’s Peter Urban (email) wrote in “Dodd caught in middle of Senate Race” that Dodd had “cut and run” to campaign for president, rather than stay in CT and support Lamont against long-time collegue Lieberman, who was running as an independent after losing to Lamont in the primary.

Urban also said Dodd’s absence was hurting the chances of Democrats running for House seats against Republican incumbants. Diane Farrell did lose against Chris Shays, but Chris Murphy beat Nancy Johnson in an ugly race. had criticized Johnson and the RCCC November 5 for three sleezy last-minute ads implying Murphy supported pederasts in the wake of the Mark Foley scandal. Fact Check had also criticized Murphy and MoveOn earlier for distortions in Johnson’s record. Democrat Joe Courtney beat Rob Simmons, but only after a recount. Simmons, had had the advantage more donations from PACs and had been able to outspend his opponent.



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