Mukasey will defend Bush’s Curtailment of Terrorists like Librarians! (9/18/07)

John “Stushie” Stuart in Knoxville posted this cartoon, “Making the Case for Mukasey or How Lame Ducks avoid ruffling their feathers” at his blog, Pushing the Envelope on September 18.

Mukasey cartoon by John Stuart (Stushie) today in his Pushing the Envelope, “How lame ducks avoid ruffling feathers.”

The past two days I’ve been leaving comments at the WaPo about its cheerleading the Mukasey nomination for Attorney General.

Bush Settles on Mukasey to Replace Gonzales (9/16/07)

Schumer may support only because the ex-Judge lives in NYC or because Schumer is not that aligned with civil liberties.

* Mukasey wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal in which he argued the Jose Padilla case shows the current legal system is not well-equipped to aid a largely military effort to fight terrorists. He urged Congress to consider passing new laws and extolled the Milistary Commission Act which removed habeus corpus rights from enemy combatants, a move deplored by Arlen Spector, among others.

And consider this info from an ap article, which ran in the Guardian:

*In the days after the 9-11 attacks, Mukasey and other New York judges worked behind closed doors, seeing some of the first material witnesses detained by federal authorities.

Civil liberties advocates contended the material witness cases amounted to an unconstitutional roundup, and an inspector general’s report later found that many of the witnesses were subjected to physical and verbal abuse while held in a Brooklyn jail.

* Mukasey accused Sheik Omar Abdul-Rahman of trying to spread death “in a scale unseen in this country since the Civil War” and sentenced the sheik to life in prison.

*About three dozen deputies filed a grievance in 2005 complaining that the judges and his spouse abused their position and compromised security by expecting their bodyguards “to carry groceries, luggage and golf clubs.” If they objected, the protectees subjected them to “condescending comments,” according to the grievance.

*He and his son, Marc Mukasey, are justice advisers to Rudy Giuliani’s presidential campaign. Marc Mukasey also works at Giuliani’s law firm. Michael Mukasey was the judge who swore in Mayor-elect Giuliani in 1994 and 1998.

Bush Selects Ex-Judge as Attorney General Nominee (9/17/07)

Is the WaPo’s job just to report on what conservatives say against the nominee. How about liberals and civil libertarians?

In the Wall Street Journal, Mukasey criticized those who questioned the Patriot Act on May 10, 2004 this snarky way:

...recently, a statute called the USA Patriot Act has become the focus of a good deal of hysteria, some of it reflexive, much of it recreational.

My favorite example is the well-publicized resolution of the American Library Association condemning what the librarians claim to believe is a section of the statute that authorizes the FBI to obtain library records and to investigate people based on the books they take out. Some of the membership have announced a policy of destroying records so that they do not fall into the hands of the FBI.

First a word on the organization that gives us this news. The motto of this organization is “Free people read freely.” When it was called to their attention that there are 10 librarians languishing in Cuban prisons for encouraging their fellow countrymen to read freely, an imprisonment that has been condemned by Lech Walesa and Vaclav Havel, among others, this association declined to vote any resolution of condemnation, although they did find time at their convention to condemn their own government.

What’s the logic here–since Cuba has locked up librarians, those here should just shut up and accept and infringements on civil liberties?

If this is the “best” that Democrats are willing to settle for, why did we elect them?

With Justice Pick, Bush Hopes to Avoid a Fight (9’18/07)

It is a sad mark of the conformity to Bush’s agenda that the WaPo emphasizes as “non-controversial” Mukasey, an ardent critic of those, including the American Library Association, who see problems with the curtailment of civil liberties embodied in the Patriot Act.

As Daniel Froomkin wrote in his blog entry, “The AG Bush Needs,”

President Bush is prioritizing.

It used to be he could install pretty much anyone he wanted pretty much anywhere in the federal government…

In today’s political climate, however, Bush has come to realize that he can’t always get what he wants. But if he plots cleverly enough, he can get what he needs.

In a new attorney general, what Bush needs is someone who will support the radical and unprecedented expansion of executive power that has become the hallmark of his administration.

Michael B. Mukasey fits the bill.



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