Repubs fear Warner (Mark) will replace Warner (John) (9-13-07)

Photo by Genevieve Ross of The Viirginian-Pilot shows Mark Warner at a fundraiser sponsored by Delelegate Lionell Spruill Sr. which accompanied Warren Fisk’s September 14 story. I had to wait post the illustration, because I had no luck with the Mac at Torgeson and no Windows machines are available there–the library never seems to fix them as they go down, so there are fewer to use. The windows machines in the rest of the library, except for the new media lab, have no software such as Word , Adobe or Paint.


Today’s WaPo notes that Mark Warner will announce that he’s running for the Demoncratic nomination for Virginia’s Senate seat in the Congress vacated by John Warner (R)–as those out of the state constantly add, “no relation.”

Mark Warner was a popular governor and has a good chance of getting the seat. Another former governor may be running, Jim “no car tax” Gilmore, just about as bad as George Allen, although a bit less snarky. Tom Davis would be a better Republican nominee to gain the moderate vote, but probably doesn’t appeal to the “base.”

Rasmussen Reports poll of September 5 placed Warner ahead 54-34 over Gilmore and 57-30 over Davis. The Repubs are running scared, if Red State is any indication, which had this post by “Terryus” with regard to the poll:

If Warner gets into the race this’ll certainly be the toughest senate race in the country for us.

Your thoughts on how/if we should try to beat Warner?

Cuz I got nothin

Patrick Ruffini at another conservative site, “Townhall DC” wants Lynchburg’s Eric Cantor in the race, describing him as:

absolutely relentless against Warner. He’s the toughest campaigner by far in the field, and the best hope for Republicans in the Old Dominion. He would not shy from cutting up Warner or any Democratic opponent.

Great. Will Virginia welcome such a mudthrower to replace the more gentile John Warner, who although mostly voting with the Bush regime, had the guts to depart from the Bush jihad on several occassions, two of which come to mind immediately. He joined the “gang of fourteen” to block the “nuclear option” of doing away with the right to filibuster, when his party was in power and wanted to completely sideline Democrats, who were already suffering in the House, due to Denny Hastert’s “majority of the majority” practices. Lately, he has also been questioning Bush’s wisdom with regard to Iraq.


Virginia Mountain Justice Summer’s presentations on Black Diamonds are tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Just found out there’s another film out from Haw River Films. You can view a clip on Larry Gibson and one on Maria Gunnoe at YouTube.



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