Entry for September 10, 2007

The hedge fund cartoon is from a 6/6/06 job prospects roundup from Forbes.

Today’s issue of Too Much features “Too Clever by Half” about lobbyists for the rich at last week’s House Ways and Means committee’s “Fair and Equitable Tax Policy for America’s Working Families,” and proposed legislation, H.R. 2834, by Sandy Levin (D-MI) which would raise Private Equity Fund Manager’s tax rate from 15% to 35%, thus treating this as ordinary income, rather than giving it a special tax break. Max Baucus (D_MT) has a related bill before the Senate Finance Committee, S. 1624 , which held hearings of the fairness of the tax code under the title, “Carried Interest” on July 11, July 31 and September 6. Here’s a link to a Washington Post story that ran in June.

Labor journalist Sam Pizzigati (email) founded and edits Too Much, a newsletter devoted to capping excessive income and wealth, which first appeared in 1995 inder the aegis of the Council on International and Public Affairs, which also publishes books under the imprint Apex Press, which offers such titles as Creating a Sustainable World (2006) and The Rule of Property (2007), the later publication of POCLAD.org, the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy.


For information on coal mining in Wise County a paper by David Rouse, Professor of Philosophy at Clinch Valley College in Wise, Virginia and a member of Wise County’s Board of Zoning Appeals and the Real Estate Tax Study Committee ( d_rouse@clinch.edu)
and PhD candidate Darlene Wilson (dgwils0@pop.uky.edu).

Long before I had this blog I was a fan of Kevin Maney who wrote tech columns for USA Today. I was wondering where he went after his last article appeared in February of this year. It turns out he found a new gig blogging on tech for Conde Nast Portfolio.


Also of interest: The Project for Excellence in Journalism.


I originally looked for a cartoon from Hail Dubyus! but Greg’s on haitus. His new site wasn’t working yet, but you can see the first four years of cartoons here.



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