Entry for July 31, 2007

Since things are so flakey with my housing situation, I went out to Newport to look at another place. I had hoped to be living in Blacksburg. Sigh. However, the house is so lovely it will be like living in a $10/day Bed and Breakfast.

Mark has loaned me his truck for the move. I’ll be sharing the house with the owner, Victoria, and one or two other women. Victoria say I can move my stuff early. She also has storage room for whatever I might want out there, but not need to use daily.

She says that there is a guest room if I have a friend coming through and that I’m welcome to invite friends for dinner. She even has a spare laptop with a wireless connection that I can use and Mom can call me on the land line, since I won’t be able to get cell service. There are also folks riding into town to Blacksburg regularly with whom I can catch a ride, especially when the weather turns bad.

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July 2007: 15,351
2007 YTD: 92,386
2006 TOTAL: 61,308
Total since 1/1/06: 153,351

BZA meeting today voted to reverse zoning administrator on Fairmount appeal. Next step is court, but without the town’s decsion in our favor.

In national news, check out: “Tancredo fans flames on children’s insurance: He claims the House expansion plan would let illegal immigrants get the health coverage” by Anne C. Mulkern , Denver Post, July 31, 2007.



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