Entry for July 16, 2007

The chart from onecare.now (email) shows percapita health expenditures every five years from 1970 to 200o and then for 2001 and 2002. The red bar is the US.

I’m hoping Michael Moore’s Sicko, which was the topic of an hour-long interview with Amy Goodman (email) on June 18, and which opened June 29, will make it to the Lyric soon. This morning at Bollos, Gene from Monroe County, WV, talked about his aunt’s great health care coverage in New Zealand, “not that he supports socialized medicine for the US.” He offers the disclaimer although he says he can’t keep a job because at six months when he would vest, no one wants to pay for his health insurance since he has seven kids. He has at catastrophic policy that covers him for expenses after some huge figure, I didn’t catch it, $10,000? $50,000? and still pays $1,700 in premiums per quarter.

The graphic is from California’s universal health care campaign which asks how private insurance can control costs when

profits, marketing costs and duplicated, look-alike plans currently waste 30% of every healthcare dollar they handle in California? The private insurance market has failed to control costs; we have the most free market in insurance in the industrialized world and we pay TWICE as much for our healthcare.

When I told Gene about Sicko, he said he was glad Michael Moore was finally using his talent for somehting worthwhile. Moore had said that he anticipated criticism in the U.S. and he has gotten negative reviews from the likes of The New Yorker. So, it was interesting, then, that Darcy sent on Josh Tyler’s (email) July 1 account of Moore’s reception in Texas.

Yesterday, Tilly recounted a story of Michael Moore paying health insurance premiums for a critic at Moorewatch anonymously and that guy calling him a guardian angel, when he didn’t know Moore’s identity.

For the record, the guy, whose name is Jim Kenefick, said on May19 in “One more attempt to set the record straight he still thinks, knowing Moore’s identity that Moore did him a kindness.

Lastly, I have in fact thanked Michael time and time again, and would take this opportunity to do so once more:

Michael Moore: Thank you. Regardless of all the publicity, the emails, the nonsense that others are adding to this situation, you did in fact help me at a time when I needed it, and I am grateful for that. Emotionally, I feel like you did something nice. It doesn’t change how I feel about your work intellectually, but you did do something that truly helped me and my family and for that, I thank you.

This was after he calmed down. On May 10, he had written,

If this was Moore behind it all, then I have to say…nice try, dude, but I’m not going to play your game. You can call it a cost of promotion. This site has sold more books and DVDs for you than that $12,000 could ever buy. You’ve gotten your money’s worth. If it was you, Mikey…your $12,000 doesn’t buy my silence. It won’t buy my affection, nor will I shy away from talking about whatever may or may not be in your new film. I’ll still be the same guy, expressing my opinion and trying his best to research facts you tend to skip over or ignore. All you bought for your money – if it was yours – was the peace of mind of knowing you actually helped someone who needed it. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was where is stayed? Ultimately, my accepting that donation has absolutely no bearing on the larger debate about health care in America, and I won’t engage you or anyone else in a bank-and-forth on it so you can sound-byte my words into something they aren’t.

On May 18, he added, even after Moore had by his own statement left an email on May 16,

Apparently I’m going to be the focus of every press idiot that still fawns over Mikey’s bullshit for the next few days. Yeah, better to focus on me than him, I suppose, that way you can keep your blinders on about why he does things.

Then he announced his posts at Whizbang with no update, despite this comment:

Jim K finally got wanted he wanted….to get his 15 minutes of fame by leeching off the talents of Michael Moore. Good job, Jim K, you ass clown.

Remember me?, you banned me from Moorewatch because I made too much sense and pointed out that your goal was exactly this…to get in one of his movies. Go back and dig out your archives, loser.

Posted by: J Jonah Jameson at June 16, 2007 03:02 PM

By the way, Jameson is a nom de plume, I would guess, as it’s the moniker as that of the editor of the Daily Bugle in Marvel’s Spiderman series.

May 19, Kenefick complained

At no time has anyone who has written about this event ever taken a moment to contact me. Not one reporter, not one blogger.

I’d like to contact him, but you have to register at his site to email him there and while I find his an interesting amalgam of opinions, we disagree on both Moore and the debate on the benefits of corporate welfare for the insurance and drug industries v.s. single payer health insurance. I feel a little reticent, given “Jameson’s” experience at the site.


By the way, to look up media email addresses check out propagandaville.



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