Entry for July 09, 2007

Logo of Impeach for Peace.

April 24 Dennis Kucinich introduced H.RES.333 impeachng Vice President and has gained 9 co-sponsors, the latest being Keith Ellison (MN) and Hank Johnson (GA). A poll on July 5 showed the public supporting the impeachment of Cheney 54-40.

David Swanson of After Downing Street reminds us today that we are coming up on the 5 year anniversary of the memo divulging that Bush twisted the facts to justify his invasion of Iraq and it’s a good time for impeachment.

Dennis Loo who wrote about gross iregularities the 2004 general election emailed me today on how he’d like for folks to wear orange to identify themselves as favoring impeachment:

As the orange campaign spreads it will, of course, assume different permutations among people. As it turns out, I was planning to send you my essay as attached about the Declare Yourself! campaign that I proposed to and had adopted by World Can’t Wait. Would you help publicize this essay and the DY! campaign? Thanks!

You can read his “Declare Yourself” essay posted on his blog July 4. o urges people to wear orange to let others know how many favor impeachment of Bush an dCheney. From his essay:

The people of this country need to act in the millions in visible and unmistakable ways if we are to have a chance at driving Bush and Cheney from power, repudiating what they stand for, and creating a wholly different political atmosphere.


Submitted CLT story to NRFP. Waltzing tonight.



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