Entry for June 30, 2007

Union Ridge, the home of Ellen Glasgow’s kin in Glasgow, Virginia provided by Lynda Miller from her book 100 Years of Dreams.

Still reading Glasgow, whose father’s family owned the estate Green Forest, now encompassing Buena Vista and Glasgow.

GREEN FOREST (R), in a wooded area at the northern edge of town, with a large brick house having a two-storied porch, was established in the late eighteenth century by Arthur Glasgow, the immigrant who became a great-grandfather of Ellen Glasgow.

Glasgow received its name from Joseph Glasgow, son of Arthur, the first member of the Glasgow family to live in Glasgow. Joseph and his wife, Nancy Ellis McCullough, built their home in 1823. The house was known as Union Ridge and it stood at 1005 Fitz Lee Street until 1986. Union Ridge consisted of a house and 641 acres and was willed to Elizabeth Glasgow Johns who sold most of the 641 acres to Rockbridge Company in 1890.


Drove to Roanoke to get the rest of my stuff from Bright’s Storage.


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