Entry for June 28, 2007

From the BURG site yesterday,

Phase I Site Plan Review: approval denied
The town’s engineers have completed the first review of Phase I of the South Main project, six days before the 60 day legal time limit expired. This is the “lifestyle center” portion of the shopping center, which does not include the big box store or its parking lot. The engineering staff found about 200 separate items needing correction or explanation. These are listed in the zoning administrator’s
letter to the developer. The developer now must address these items and resubmit the plans, which will initiate a new 60-day review.

Over at BURG’s Google group, two ananymous posters have joined the discussion, both of whom take a rather dismissive tone towards group members that seems to raise hackles rather than persuade. For instance, “Kire” talks about

self-appointed guardians of culture and that these guardians generally represent only
the more affluent portion of the population. In other words, these folks won’t shop at a WalMart (for example) and would prefer that nobody else have that choice either.

She goes on to say that those who have ot shop at Wal-mart will be

banished to Christiansburg.

Those who choose to shop at Wal-Mart , according to Google’s map function, have to drive another 4.3 miles from the intended development. Compare this to 7.9 miles between the two locations in Roanoke, the biggest city in Southwest Virginia.

Perhaps the problem the owners have in finding occupants is the price per square foot of $32. contrast this with $10 aat Hethwood, $15 at Town Centre or even $25 at Lyric Center.



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