Entry for June 19, 2007

Poster from Zwartboek, showing through Thursday at the Lyric Theater in Blacksburg.

Good news from Blacksburg: a determination that the Fairmont development had no vested rights and is this subject to a special use permit.

Kay Kay had a margarita party at her house on Airport. Barry and I had already decided to see Zwartboek, so I just ran by with fixings: black bean tortilla chips, mango salsa and guacamole. I had part of said margarita, before I had to leave.

One of the protagonists, the Nazi Ludwig Müntze looked like the actor who played Georg Dreyman in Das Leben der Anderen, and sure enough it was: Sebastian Koch. I found the film riviting; some critics was it as soft porn. Go figure. Salon has an interview with the Dutch director, Paul Verhoeven, although Werner Von Braun, did not, as Verhoeven states get tried and deported.

By the way, Happy Junteenth. Margaret Kimberley, an editor at Black Agenda Report has a piece on the holiday at her blog, Freedom Rider.



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