Entry for June 16, 2007

The drawing of “Big Bird” comes to us from Science News of 3.5-meter-tall, 1.4-metric-ton Gigantoraptors 70 million years ago in China. Speaking of dinosaurs, makes me think of the coal industry.
What does it take to elect business to Congress?
That’s the question asked by Bipac, who mentors the NMA. The answer:
Votes. Money. Political intelligence.

How does American business get out the vote? In Election 2002, more than half the Fortune 50 used BIPAC tools to educate employees about pro-business candidates and to get them to the polls.

Make you think we workers are just pawns, eh?

As Clem Guttara of WV Blue responded when I pointed out the site:

Yikes! That page reads like self-parody.
I love this part…

Contributions to the Institute are not tax deductible as charitable contributions but may be deductible as an ordinary business expense to the extent the law allows. In addition, because BIPAC does not lobby, contributions to the Institute are not affected by the prohibition on the deduction of lobbying expenses.

BIPAC’s Institute does not have an IRS tax exemption status and, as a result, is not required to divulge the list of its members to any government entity. While we do publish both our Board of Directors and such other entities that are willing to be of record as Committee Chairs, our list of members is not published.

“It’s like… don’t worry, you can cheat, we won’t tell.”

In 2004 NMA participated in Bipac’s “Project Prosperity” which provided “voter education and issue education” with its site “Mine the Vote.” http://www.bipac.net/page.asp?g=nma&content=startpage

And did you know there’s a pro-MTR site out there. Came across this piece of bilge today:

I came across Dan Miller’s (Vice President, West Virginia Mining & Reclamation Association) article making it look like we’re fighting MTR solely for the money…
The site is hosted by miningUSA.com “the storefront of the mining industry” of Mining Internet Services, Inc., whose “current clients include large multinational mining companies, mining associations, mining publications, mining trade associates, government agencies and engineering and computer software firms.”
Does anyone happen to know more about who is behind this piece of industry propaganda?
On a happier note, just realized that Ken Ward, Jr. ‘s current stories have been added to the series, which is great because they remain available to the public free of charge. Here’s the latest on another Joe Lobett victory:


Services today at Blacksburg Jewish Community Center followed by a potluck. Good to see Ellen, Rebecca and Ester after many years. Muriel and Nat were there, as was Ed.



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