Entry for June 05, 2007

Bumper sticker from CarryABigSticker.com’s Dan Frazier of Arizona.

June 18th – 20th, 2007 Take Back America conference in Washington, D.C publicity claims that the 2006 conference set the stage for that November’s election”shocker.” Given how little has actually been accomplished and how Cindy Sheehan resigned in frustration, it will be interesting to see what actually will be accomplished. This is organized by the folks who bring us TomPaine.com and the Apollo Alliance.

The June 18 Nation summed it up in “The Honeymoon is Over,”

As Congress left town for its Memorial Day recess, the euphoria cast by the 2006 election victories was gone. Disappointed by the Democrats’ inability to force a withdrawal timeline into the war-funding bill, angered by a trade deal hatched in secret, dismayed at backsliding on cleaning up Capitol Hill, progressives were faced with the unpleasant reality of the new Congress, warts and all.

Its conclusion:

Democratic majorities have provided us with relatively progressive leaders in both houses of Congress and several aggressive committee chairs who are beginning to unearth the hidden horrors of this rogue Administration. But we still don’t have the progressive strength in Congress or the leadership in the White House that can change this country’s course. The serial disappointments of recent weeks are but a reminder that we’ve got work to do.



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