Entry for May 03, 2007

Greg from May 2, 2007. Image reproduced courtesy HAIL DUBYUS! copyright 2007.

The Democrats in Congress, not wanting to charged with “cut and run” passed yet another “emergency” appropriation for Iraq, but with a hat–tip to the voters and a thumb in the eye to Bush (or pick another finger) included a timetable for withdrawl. Bush, of course, vetoed the whole thing.

At the end of April, at a California Demoncratic Party convention, former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) had said that the Congress should just send back another bill and another and another, until Bush signed or left office trying. Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) said that the Congrress should rescind the war authorization.

And yet it seemed like business as usual when the Democrats allowed as that they would work with the Presdient after the veto.

Today, however, as Republicasn got ready to gather at the Reagan Library for their first debate, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) proposed to sunset the war resolution as of its fifth anniversary. Hillary Clinton rose on the floor to say she would co-sponsor the measure. So here’s my quote of the day from Byrd:

The Congress is not an ATM, spitting out billions whenever the President requests it. It is a policy arm of the government as well as its banker.



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