Entry for April 26, 2007

This 1995 photo of Maryasha Garelik with her great grandchild by Saul Lieberman for Wellsprings accompanied and article in the Chssid journal Wellspring.

I stumbled across Garelik’s story while looking for information about the the Virginia Tech prof who survived the Holocaust only to die in the shooting. Garelik lived to be 106 and had 600 direct descendents!

I didn’t realize that one of the folks killed was a French adjunct instructor who worked with Richard Schryock, who I’ve eaten dinner with many times at Free Press potlucks. He said of Jocelyne Couture-Nowak,

She not only prepared them to continue. She inspired them to continue.

Possibly one of the oddest stories emerged today as Scientologists arrived in Blacksburg to minister to the mourners. The Guardian has an archive of articles on the VA Tech shootings, including the entire text of Nikki Giovanni’s convocation poem.


Today, I started three articles on gun control legislation for Congresspedia, a joint project of the Center for Media and Democracy and the Sunlight Foundation. Conor Kenny , Cogresspedia’s managing editor emailed me:

if you’d like to do a guest-blog related to any article you’re writing on, please do send me a few paragraphs or a link to your personal blog and we’d be thrilled to cross-post it on the Congresspedia front page. (We’re working on a DailyKos-like system where anyone can post a blog, but it’s going to take a few months to implement.) It’s fine to have a particular point of view or agenda, as long as people can click through to links in the wiki to learn more and the blog is informative. We’d also be very happy to link to your own blog.

I was interested to read in “Gun-control debate has spotlight – for now: VA Tech tragedy has put the issue center stage, but keeping it there will be a challenge for both sides” by Keith O’Brien (PR Week USA, April 24) that “One such bill that enjoys support from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun control advocates is H.R. 297, which would “improve availability of criminal history and other records for conducting background checks on firearm buyers.” I’m going to email him and ask for the particulars. I also wrote the NRA seeking information.

Jason Gottlieb, now a NYC attorney, formerly a Japanese internet company manager, wrote interestisng entries on gun control a I’m guessing maybe ten years ago.


May 12 – 16 I’ll be in Washington, DC, lobbying for the Clean Water Projection Act with Earth Justice.

And I just heard from Linda Modica through Nukenet that that in Johnson City there will be a conference and encampment focused on depleted uranium production in Appalachia sponsored by the Christian Peacemaker Team’s Stop-DU Campaign.

“DU– from Appalachia to Afghanistan to Iraq” will feature Pentagon whistleblower Doug Rokke, Afghani social scientist Dr. Mohammed Daud Miraki (author of Afghanistan After Democracy) and writer and speaker Cathy Garger. $15 pays for lunch and registration. The purchase of of Dr. Miraki’s book provides medical care for victims in Afghanistan at East Tennessee State University, Rogers Stout Hall, Room 102 May 19, 2007 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The encampment takes place on Roger’s land across from Aerojet Ordnance on Old State
Route 34, Jonesborough, TN 37659 from May 18, 2007 through May 27, 2007. Bring your tent or email Anthony Pittman know and he’ll round one up for you.



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