Entry for April 24, 2007

This chart is from a ABC poll released late yesterday suggesting that Americans favor gun control but that basic attitudes are unchanged. A new finding after the Virginia Tech shootings is that 83 percent support steps to ensure that states report mentally ill people to the federal gun-sales registry.

On Face the Nation April 22 (transcript) Patrick Leahy danced away from Bob Schieffer’s question:

But do you think that basically the debate over guns is over? Because a lot of people say that once Al Gore lost, that Democrats backed away from this issue and that they have not taken it up since. And I find it very interesting, the responses that we got after this. After 9/11, people said, “We want action. Do something.” Almost to a person, the people have come forward, both on the Republican side and the Democratic side, and said, `Well, this is a time for grieving. We’ll think about what should be done later on.

Schieffer is no Helen Thomas and fails to hold the pols accountable when they say not much of anything. And I can’t decide whether this question, although astute, perpertuates the a conventional wisdom that nothing can be done. Schieffer certainly didn’t allow Sarah Brady, also on the program, much time to talk.



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