Entry for April 07, 2007

Tshirt design from AfterDowningStreet

Today, I worked on the article at Wikipedia, “Recess Appointment” which lacked references and failed to mention the Dudley and Biggs appointments. It’s still in rough shape, but maybe someone else will work on it.

For a spoof on the topic, see this UK site.

Just heard back from Sabrina that I can do an article on recess appointments for this issue of LLRX. Darcy and I are eating Thai today and she’s just called to say she’s starving. Tonight is a potluck at Lucy’s, so I’ll resume either this afternoon or tomorrow.

Until then, here’s some news from Dennis Loo of a new blog he started april 5, which he s asked me to publicize, “Show It Off! April 23-27, 2007.” He urges,

If even 5% of the 58% who want to see Bush and Cheney gone were to wear impeachment T-shirts, armbands, buttons, stickers, ties, scarves, etc., we would literally be in the millions all over this country – on the beach, in the valley, on the plains, in the mountains, on the farms, in school, at work, in the stores, on the sidewalks, in the parks, on the buses, subways and trains.

And then it wouldn’t matter if the mass media covered our demonstration because we would be seen by tens of millions of other people. We would have made history, you would have made history, participants in the largest political demonstration in U.S. history! We can change the whole poisonous political atmosphere in this country, this suffocating, repressive, ugly regime that casts a gigantic shadow over our land.

We can act and create an entirely different future. If you burn with desire for such a world, if you have felt hopeless and frustrated in the face of the maddening, murderous direction things have been going in, now is the time to act, now is the time to step forward and declare that we will not go down their road!

We encourage you to order impeachment shirts now. You can get them from Bush Is Over! and at Afterdowningstreet.org.

In building for these days, get some friends together, or do it yourself, don an impeachment shirt, and take out buttons and shirts and armbands and decals and flyers and boldly go where no rightwingers would dare: onto subways, onto buses, down sidewalks, in parks, at school, anywhere among the people.

Picture what this would look like: a posse of people all wearing black “Bush Is Over” t-shirts sweeping through communities of people and leaving in their wake others enlivened by the possibility of getting rid of these criminals, now sporting armbands and t-shirts and bright orange or peach impeachment decals. If you have someone with a camera come along you can record your actions and then post it on YouTube and popularize what you’ve done and spread this throughout the country. Create a sensation! Go wild, get creative, get real.



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