Entry for April 05, 2007

Photo of green curry chicken from Siam, a restaurant inGuernsey, in the (English) channel islands. According to the recipe at Epicurious, a puree of basil and spinach is responsible for the color.

Thai food with Gloria and Don at the Thai Orchid at 616 S. Jefferson St, in the recently reopened restaurant next to the library–so many establishments have failed there, here’s hoping this one stays. The green curry was excellent. According to the February 18 Roanoke Times, the owner is Richard Sarayudej, a native of Thailand, who moved here with his family from Oregon on the advice of his friend, Alex Choice, who opened the original Thai restaurant on Salem Avenue in 2004 and since closing it in 2005 has opened has opened The Circles in Vinton at the site of the former Cafe Succotash. Gloria and Don went there and said it’s exellent and economical.

The same article says that the new Salem Avenue operation will expand to has opened a second eatery on Franklin at the site of the former Buck Mountain Grill.

Writing group tonight. Just Gloria, Don and I.

Kaine’s veto of expansioin of the death penalty stood up when the Virginia General Assembly reconvened for its one day override session. According to the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy’s mailing, Senators Edwards and Saslaw provided the winning votes, having been persuaded to change their original votes and support the Governor’s veto. Senator Potts abstained.



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