Entry for March 21, 2007

Melina Mara’s photo accompanied the March 19 WaPo story, “Prosecutor Firings Not Political, Gonzales Says: Attorney General Acknowledges, Defends Actions” by Dan Eggen.

Watching the March 18 hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on C-SPAN, I was disgusted with Jon Kyl’s actions as quite the appologist, citing Clinton’s firing of all the U.S. Attorneys at the start of his term. Thankfully Dianne Feinstein called him on it.

Feinstein submitted S. 214 , ” Preserving United States Attorney Independence Act of 2007January on 9. The measure passed by a vote of 94-2 on march, with Hagel and Bond voting nay.

Two front page stories of interest by staff writers today in the Washington Post for those following the U.S. Attorney firings:

See also: “Bush administration U.S. attorney firings controversy – Congresspedia


Book group tonight: Snow by Orhan Pamuk. Next book: Lillian Hellman’s first of three memoir’s, An Unfinished Woman (NYT review).



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