Entry for March 13, 2007

Illustration from the Coalition for Human Needs (CHN) .

Today, before I went to tutor, I participated in a CHN teleconference at which I learned that the Senate and House are setting the budget limits for the year and now is the time to call and support funding programs which provide housing, child care, education, Head Start, Food Stamps, children’s health coverage, child support collections, senior services, etc.

Thursday, March 15 – Tuesday, March 20, call the Capitol switchboard tollfree, courtesy of the American Friend’s Serivce Committee, and ask to speak to your two senators and your representative. (Listed by name here)


CNN suggest this script for what to tell the staffer who answers the phone.

Please work to pass a budget resolution that includes a significant spending increase for pressing needs that have been neglected for years, such as … Our nation needs these investments – we don’t need billions in tax cuts for the wealthy.

The AFL-CIO Working Families Network has issues guides specific issues, which groups around the country are targeting on this schedule:

The Annie E. Casey Foundation, the George Gund Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation support of CHN’s federal budget work. CHN’s Executive Director Debbie Weinstein (email, bio) moderated, with the following speakers:

Jim Wallis (blog entry: Budgets are Moral Documents), Sojourners/Call to Renewal
Martha Coven (email, bio), Senior Legislative Assoicaite, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP)
Steve Francisco (email), Federal Policy Director, Minnesota Budget Project, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Weinstein posted an article, “Undoing Bush’s Budget Priorities” March 6 on TomPaine.com. CNN also has an analysis of what’s at stake, including state-specific reports here.

CBPP’s Dottie Rosenbaum (email, bio) and Robert Greenstein (email, bio) published an analysis of the foodstamp budget March 12. The Center has detailed issue guides linked from the tab Areas of Reseasrchon its homepage.



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