Entry for February 19, 2007

Cartoon, via John Dufresne , is by Eve Corbel, one of the pseudonyms of Mary Schendlinger webpage, bio, email) . It appeared in issue 57 of the Canadian magazinen Geist, where under the name of Corbel she serves as comix and cartoons editor.

Today I heard from Aldon Hynes, wondering what I thought of Alternet managing editor Tara Lohan’s February 15 article, “Wind vs. Coal: False Choices in the Battle to Resolve Our Energy Crisis, ” which is one of a series she has done on climate change.

It’s a complicated issue. Yes, wind should replace coal (and nuclear), but in Greenbrier County there’s exploitation by an out-out-state utility scale wind-farm. I would favor a locally owned and run outfit that would keep the money in WV. My friends in the southwestern part of the state would love to see local windfarms there instead of MTR–not just Bonds, who is truly heroic, but Marie Gunoe and others. The attached photo of flood damage on Kayford Mountain is by Vivian Stockman at OVEC accompanied a MTR story as yet unscheduled on the Open Source radio program, Vivian’s posts a newsfeed on renewable energy with links at the top of the page to other issues and here are some conference papers on wind.
You may have already read my entry on Amory Lovins with links to his report, RMI, his debunking Moore on nuclear energy as a solution to global warming and the efficacy of not only wind, but most importantly greater efficiency agrees with a report on solar energy at the bottom of this entry which includes the projected replacement of coal, etc.:
By the way, my LLRX commentary is up now:
Two previous commentaries on energy are:

For intersting blogs, see :

Just signed up for the newsletter from the Environmental Working Group.

Think about signing up to do a local event at the National Day of Climate Action on April 14.



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