Entry for January 27, 2007

“Death Thanks George Bush for All the Overtime” from Mike Cornwell at Flickr via United for Peace and Justice’s photo pool from the March.
When I heard how warm it was going to be and that there was still a space on the van Brian had rented to go from Roanoke and that Paula from contra dancing had been inspired to go, I took it as a sign and set my alarm for 4 a.m. Our group including Tom, Vietnam vet/retired science teacher from Montgomery County who was attending his first march, artist and neighborhood activist Elaine Fleck, who I didn’t know would be coming but heard about the trip from Brian at their sons’ soccer practice, Pam, a mother of triplets who had worked as a medical social worker, and others whose stories I wasn’t sitting close enough to learn for a total of 10. At the West Fairfax metro station, we met up with an EMS and her husband drove up so they could attend the workshops on Sunday.
I had called Kim at the Free Press and he had just gotten back in town and decided not to go but wants a story for the paper.
Here are links to some other photos from the pool:


2 Responses to “Entry for January 27, 2007”

  1. Mike Says:

    Thanks for using the pic I took yesterday at the rally and also for posting the link to the many great shots on the UFPJ flickr group. I hope the person who took the time and effort to dress up and demonstrate as the grim reaper comes across it and knows that they made a difference. Btw, the link above to “…good for the goose..” isn’t working.

  2. Beth Wellington Says:

    Thanks Mike. I fixed the link. It was only when I used the link the photographer sent me that I realized how flickr links work–clicking on properties shows the same weird lilnk for everyone, but I didn’t realize that as hers was the first I clicked on.

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