Entry for December 26, 2006

This Knoxville News Sentinal photo of Wilma Dykeman taken in her Ashville, NC home in April 2004 by Paul Efird, accompanied J.J. Stambaugh (stambaugh@knews.com)’s story yesterday, “Dykeman’s portrayal of Appalachia appreciated: Late historian, author praised for understanding area’s people.”

Today, after Mike fixed me breakfast and went into work, I met my friends fiction writer Mary Hodges and her husband Jimmy for lunch in downtown Knoxville, where we talked about Mary’s memories of Dykeman and of energy policy and then went over to the East Tennessee Historical Society to view the exhibit “Shots of World War II: The Photographs of Tony Vaccaro.”

Globalist Magazine published Vacarro’s account of his WWII photos January 24, 2004, “‘Shooting’ Germany: 1944-1949.” There is a slideshow of some of the photos here.

I’m writing this entry at the Knoxville hostel, where I am hosted by Al Wishart, before taking off tomorrow for Cincy to spend time at Deb’s and go to the New Year’s Eve potluck and dance and a party New Year’s day. One of the other residents wants the computer and so I’ll log off now.



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