Labor History Resources 12/9/06

The graphic  is the left panel of the “Tompkins Square Riot” from Joshua Brown’s  series ” Great Moment in Labor History in which in which a group of early twenty-first cenury historians goes back in time to witness…”  It appeared in the May 2003 issue of Labor History.

Brown (website, email, bio) is the  co-director of CUNY’s new media lab and exexutive director of the American Social History Project (ASHP)  of the Center for Media and Leaning.  Among other resources, the center has produced a series of documentaries: Who Built America?  Another interesting resource is Investigating U.S. History.  I’m especially looking forward to the final version of “What was so big about the big [longshoremen’s] strike of 1934” which its creator, Baruch history professor  Vince DiGirolamo (faculty webpage, email)   tells me will be online soon in finished form as “The Big Strike: Labor Unrest in the Great Depression. “


This afternoon Barry and I were at the Grandin to see For Your Consideration, the latest from the pens of Christopher Guest and Euguene Levy.  We missed the first few minutes because the bus came early and I had to walk from Virginia Western to Towers.  As often is the case, I agreed with Peter Travers Novembe 13 favorable  review for Rolling Stone.  Barry thought it was slight.

Afterwards we had dinner at the Great Wall.  Then Barry dropped me by J&L Oriental Mart on Brambleton where I met Paula and we went to pick up Maria for the contra dance in Floyd — Toss the Possum with Gaye Fifer of Charlottesville calling.  I even got in a waltz with Dave and danced with Nathan for the first time in ages.



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