Windchill, Ukrop’s & VWCC (12/8/06)

The chart comes from the wind chill index  page at the U.S. Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s  National Weather Service  Office of  Climate, Water and Weather Services, known by Office of Services for short.   Whew!


The National Weather Service explains that the wind chill index calculates the potential danger from the combination of wind and cold temperatures.  Its page on the wind chill index has  a handy calulator for the  formula adopted in 2001:

Wind Chill = 35.74 + 0.6125T – 35.75 (V0.16) + 0.4275T (V0.16)
Where T = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and V = wind speed in MPH

The climate center at Kentucky Western University has an explanation of the new formula here.

Last night it was so windy I stayed in, rather than walk back two blocks take a bus downtown to the writing group.  This morning schools in outlying areas were closed for wind chill or opening two hours late.  I met one of the  librarians at Virginia Western (VWCC) in the elevator in the business science  building. As we rode up  enroute to our walk over to Brown Library, my favorite home away from home, she said

It’s 17 degrees out there.  Aren’t you upset I told you that?

Actually, I had already survived the walk up Washington to Franklin Avenue, the wait for the 55 bus and the walk from Colonial up to Business Science, so I figured the worst was over.  When we got to the library I checked the weather page for Roanoke:  18 degrees with wind at 13,3 mph. Plugging that into the NWS chart, I got 4 degrees. And when I checked Urbana, IL, where I will be later this month, it was 5 degrees with a wind of 6 mph.  That means it feels 10 degrees colder there.  Eek!


Bobbie and Jim Ukrop  are big donors to our common alma mater, William & Mary, and Painter Properties  (email) of Troutville is  building Ivy Market, which will feature the  first Roanoke Ukrop’s down at the intersection of Wonju and Franklin.   

I just read the four buildings here  on the northwest section of the campus, all built in 1969 ,started as an extension of the University of Virginia campus,  although  VWCC was established three years with assets transferred from VPI& SU’s Roanoke Technical Institute

 Business Science is  labeled “M” on the campus map.   I always thought the M stood for something, say  Martin Hall,  but looking again at the map, I see it’s  unnamed.  And the library coordinator, who has many years tenure, tells me that he can’t recall it being named.  VWCC may be  waiting on a corporate donor.  Its foundation writes,

Ed Hall, founder and president of Hall Associates (pictured in center), recognizes the importance of collaboration between community colleges and businesses. His company is the naming donor of the new Hall Associates Career and Employment Assistance Center on Virginia Western’s campus, and has established an endowed fund to sustain the Hall Center in perpetuity.

W&M renamed Campus Drive Ukrop Way on November 18.  According to Brian Whitson’s November 17 press release,

 Jim Ukrop is chairman of the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation, and has long been a tireless advocate for the Richmond public school system. Bobbie Ukrop is also very active in the Richmond community, serving on several boards, including those of The Community Foundation, the Better Housing Coalition, the Historic Richmond Foundation, and the Jenkins Foundation.

The humanities building across Colonial  on the southeast section of the campus and the student center  there also remain unnamed. The library was named at the time of its construction in 1969  for Col. J. Sinclair Brown, who had died in 1965 at the age of 85. 

 Brown served as president of the Salem Kiwanis Club in 1923.  In 1924 he was a presidential elector for the Democratic ticket.  By 1931,  Brown was serving as  Speaker of the House of Delegates when he was a luncheon speaker  at VPI&SU’s  centennial celebration of Silas McCormick’s  invention of the reaper.  There is a bridge in Salem, Va, named in his honor.   Not much more is available online, although there is probably more in books. I’ll email  my friend, poet Mary Crockett-Hill, who used to direct the Salem Museum and Historicla Society, what she knows of him.  The General Assembly does not seem to have a list of Speakers of the House online, but there is this helpfulguide on how to conduct legislative research.


You may remember Jenny Kincaid Boone’s October 5 story ” Ukrop’s, Walgreens’ openings delayed: Roanoke’s Ukrop’s store won’t open until 2007. Walgreens’ opening is bumped to 2009″ on

[Roanoke City  director of planning and economic development Brian] Townsend characterized delays obtaining various environmental permits as “unanticipated events” that have stalled Ivy Market’s progress since it was announced in 2004. The site is in a flood plain, and developers had to create a culvert through which to channel some of Ore Branch, a creek that runs through one end of the site.

Since the store was initially scheduled to be opened by November 18, 2005 in order to receive $9 million in tax incentives, I emailed Painter Properties asking about  the new opening date.  No answer.   Linda Ukrop’s helpline answered immediately:

We only know “late Spring” — no official date has get been given.

You may remember at at December 20, 2004 public hearing on the rezoning,   local grocer Rett Ward of Tinnell’s  questioned the incentive, since there were none for improvements to local businesses as a:

taxpayer-funded barrier to free trade” that could hurt his business. He insists still that retail-focused incentives of such magnitude are a bad investment of taxpayer dollars.

“It’s one thing if you’re bringing a Mercedes manufacturer in here or something similar, with a lot of jobs and taxable property.

I’ve emailed Brian Townsend to ask about whether the City has granted Painter the extension, cince I could find no mention online.



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