Entry for December 04, 2006

The photo is of New Lost Weasel Concern, who will be playing at the December 18 contra dance in Knoxville, TN. (see bottom of entry)


Steven Aftergood posted a copy of November 30, 2006 letter that the ranking members of the House Commmittees on Science, Energy and Commerce, Government Reform and Transportation and Infrastruction sent to the EPA November 30, instructing the EPA to cease and desist from destroying or dispersing any of the materials in its libraries.

Gotta run catch the bus to run some errands.  More later.


Today t’ve been planning a dance gypsy vacation for later this month.    The line-up looks like this:

December 18, I join the Knoxville Country Dancers(KDC) at the Laurel Theater , home of the Appalachian advocacy group, Jubillee Community Arts. (directions) .  New Lost Weasel Concern will be playing. 

David Lovett , who plays five-string banjos, guitar for the band has this to say about the Weasels  at his company’s site, Grinning Deer Music Co., an acoustic-oriented recording studio operated by Knoxville songwriter and muscian .an acoustic-oriented recording studio.

The Weasels are a hard-driving old-time band available for appearances in Knoxville and the beautiful surrounding countryside. With up to three fiddlers, plus bass, banjo, and hammer dulcimer, the band makes quite a ruckus. The members have been friends and musical partners for many years, and their enjoyment of each other quickly spreads to all who come within range. A tight, high-energy band, they also play traditional Celtic music.

 The other members include:

Evan Carawan hammer dulcimer, percussion
Michael Ginsburg fiddle, wooden flute, pennywhistle, guitar, percussion
Greg Horne fiddle, mandolin, guitar, cajon
Chris McMahon bass
Dale Stansberry fiddle, banjo-ukelele

KDC hosts its annual festival, Cabin Fever,  (registration brochure) this year February 23-25 with Hotpoint String Band.  It’s only $55 before January 21, $65 thereafter.  Registration: kcdregister@yahoo.com.  Housing:  kcdhousing@yahoo.com.)

 by December 22, I’ll meet up with my friend Mark, who’s driving down from Illinois,  and we’ll dancine with the Nashville Country Dancers  (email) at the Second Presbyterial Church..   Band and caller TBA.  Then we’ll take in the sights and maybe make a side trip to Memphis 

By December 25,  we’ll be back with KCD and the band that night is  Fandamily from Ashville, NC.

The next day we drive up through Berea, Lexington and Louisville and on to join the Indianapolis Traditional Music and Dance Group at the Athenaeum with the band is  Cosmic Otters. 

At that point, I may start towards  Akron via Dayton Columbus and Cleveland.  Mark is flying out to join a friend in Texas. 

Peninnsula, OH December 28 

Rocky River , OH December 30-January 1



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