Entry for December 03, 2006

The photo  by Steve Wussow is of a stream below a mountain top removal site in Wise County, Virginia  accompanied  a May 13, 2006  article The Elephant in Wise County  Virginia from Appalachian Voices

This will be brief, as I’ve got about twenty minutes until the computer times out and I have to leave for the  Roanoke chapter of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy’s “Social Justice U.”  The group has done good work on the minimum wage and payday lending, and when I went to its site, I found out they also have a priority called  Ecostewardship. 

Unfortunately, the stuff is pretty tame.  The group writes,

We are developing practical actions for the following Stewardship of Creation themes:

  • the practice of simple living
  • home water and energy conservation
  • natural environmentally integrated landscaping
  • green building and household management
  • Home Energy Management
  • Simple Living
  • Energy Efficient Transportation
  • Gardening
  • Water Use

They do have one item which at least would provide a opening for discussing the destruction of our mountains:

  • options to purchase or produce electric power from renewable sources

I know so much more about the situation in West Virginia.  I’ll have to look up what’s happening in Virginia.  Also find out if there’s a West Virginia counterpart to the Virginia Center.




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