Entry for November 30, 2006

The caption  for the  illustration from Freshplaze.com reads:

This new label, brings together the Miss Chiquita icon and the Rainforest Alliance’s frog logo.

It seems that, since I wrote about the  oil and gas trade group, American Petroleum Insitute (AOI), in connection with NTSA turning down free copies of DVD’s for the film  An Inconvenient Truth,  the Weekly Spin, available free from the non-profit Center for Media and Democracy, has published an  item citing a relationship between API and PR firm Edelman, who may have been behind the Chiquita-Rainforest Alliance partnerhip.

API president and chief executive officer Red Cavaney has been getting help from the PR firm Edelman, to

put earnings in perspective, to explain how we reinvest them.

According to SourceWatch.org, the privately held Edelman

has been one of the leaders in the PR industry in advocating the benefits of corporations ‘engaging’ with non-government organisations.

Edelman made the following statements on its website, which since have been taken down:

  • We recognized before anyone that NGOs, such as Greenpeace and Amnesty International, were influencing corporate social responsibility by highlighting environmental and labor practices.
  • [Activists] play offense all the time; they take their message to the consumer; they are ingenious at building coalitions; they always have a clear agenda; they move at Internet speed; they speak in the media’s tone.
  • Our experience to date is positive…[with] the Chiquita-Rainforest Alliance  [and] Home Depot-Forest Stewardship Council.
  • [from a media release:] You’ve got an environmental disaster on your hands. Have you consulted with Greenpeace in developing your crisis response plan? Co-opting your would-be attackers may seem counter-intuitive, but it makes sense when you consider that NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are trusted by the public nearly two-to-one to ‘do what’s right’ compared with government bodies, media organizations and corporations.

Evidently the public trust is being won.  See Brad Ewing’s comments of August 9, 2004 at his blog, Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development, 

Throughout the past 10 years or so of my life, I have tried to support companies and causes that I agree with. For instance, if given the choice between some delicious Pillsbury cookie dough or some equally delicious Nestle cookie dough, I always choose the Pillsbury…

Chiquita is another company that I have not supported financially for almost 10 years; ever since the Cincinnati Enquirer article ‘Chiquita Secrets Revealed’. However, after reading an article by CNN Business 2.0 entitled ‘Chiquita cleans up its act’ I now believe that I should reconsider my stance.

Some things to read on the topic:

API’s plans?

launch a major “educational advocacy” program in January 2007 to influence the incoming Congress… [T] he program will include increased television advertising, speeches by economists and industry executives and tours of oil and gas operations for think tank staff and politicians.  

See tomorrow’s entry for a continuation of this post.


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