Entry for November 28, 2006

Cartoon by Canadian artist Ralph Hagen (website, email)

The Supremes have been busy.  Yesterday:

Court Rejects N.Y. Times on Leak Probe,” (AP via The Guardian), November 27

Judith Miller is in the news again, this time over a prosecutor’s probe into who leaked word of planned raids on two Muslim charities in 2001.  U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald in Chicago, says the records will help point to the source of the leak. Two years ago, the newspaper won an order that barred the prosecutor from examining the phone records, which was reversed in August by the U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan. The Supreme Court never has squarely ruled that the media have a 1st Amendment right to protect confidential sources.

High court says no to $10b award to smokers (AP via The Boston Globe, Novembe 28)

Coming up:

“Key test of state power for Supreme Court”  Warren Richey, The Christian Science Monitor, November 29 edition (available on the web today)

States rights challenge by Elliot Spitzer of the 2001 federal Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) rule that subsidiary companies of national banks are governed by federal, not state, regulations.

“Global warming goes to court,” 
New York Times editorial, November 28. 

States, backed by backed by environmental  groups and scientists,  are suing the EPAgency, saying  that the Clean Air Act requires the EPA to impose limits on greenhouse gases emitted by new cars. 






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