Entry for November 25, 2006

Photo by Michael Powell accompanied his Washington Post story yesterday, “Despite Fewer Lockups, NYC Has Seen Big Drop in Crime.”

Commissioner Martin F. Horn, who oversees the city lockups, including Rikers Island:

What we’ve seen in New York is the fastest drop in crime in the nation, and we did it while locking up a lot less people….The only people using these cells now are the directors and actors from ‘Law and Order.’

Powell calls it

 one of the least-told stories in American crime-fighting

New York, the safest big city in the nation, achieved its now-legendary 70-percent drop in homicides even as it locked up fewer and fewer of its citizens during the past decade. The number of prisoners in the city has dropped from 21,449 in 1993 to 14,129 this past week. That runs counter to the national trend, in which prison admissions have jumped 72 percent during that time.


Sabrina Pacifici (from LLRX.com), her husband  and I got together for dinner tonight at Eden Center, the Vietnamese shopping district in Falls Church at The Four Sisters, favored by the chefs at the Inn at Little Washington, according to The Hill’s Albert Eisele.  We had eel salad, caramilized fish and vegetables and tofu on rice noodles.

Mark Reutter called from Alliance, Nebraska en route back to Urbanna, IL, to report on his visit to the Ames Pyramid (photo), errected to those Pharohs of Corruption, railroad barrons  Oakes and Oliver Ames.



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