Entry for November 21, 2006

I’m at New River Community College in the library at Brown, as I wait for Carol to arrive from Christiansburg.  This will be brief as I’m off to NOVA to cook turkey for Ma and Carol.   Don’t know if I will be able to get hold of a computer before next Monday.  We’ll see.


Walton Davis Morris Jr. is a sole practitioner in Charlottesville, Virginia, who was kind enough to call me back today about a queston about the Suface Act and Reclaimation Act of 1977.  Cindy Rank had let me know about him. 

He suggested that I contact Nick Rahall’s aid, Jim Zoia, as someone knowledgeable about Rahall’s amendments of the Act.  Morris also had  some interesting insights into  Rahall’s strengths regarding the environment, which I intend to resesarch further, in order to present a balanced picture. 

Here’s a link to one the cases Morris argued. 

Speaking of insight, Rob McGee, a retired mine safety expert with the PA DEP, AKA Rocky Ledge,  has been conversing with me  about his thoughts on the Stickler nomination over at U.S. the Mine Rescue Association forum


Other interesting reading:

Good Jobs First  Subsidies in the News .

Philip Mattera writes

Iowa debates skilled-labor shortage

Iowa, like other states, faces a shortage of skilled workers as baby boomers retire (see Chapter 9 of the Great American Jobs Scam for more details). A new initiative in the state is trying to do something about the problem. The Iowa Workers Campaign–a non-partisan coalition of more than three dozen unions, community colleges and non-profits–recently put out a report that urges a reorientation of the state’s economic development policies. Warning that “Iowa is approach a demographic cliff,” the report calls for “a broad, coherent and well-integrated workforce investment and systems change strategy that targets high growth, high skill industries and provides access to education and training that leads to good jobs for all Iowans.”

 The report’s theme was picked up in two editorials in the Des Moines Register in the period leading up to the election. The paper complained that the candidates for governor were ignoring the problem, perhaps because “it doesn’t lend itself to sound bites in 30-second commercials.” It is now up to the new governor, Democrat Chet Culver, to address the issue.




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