Entry for November 14, 2006

Map adapted from the Evironmental Working Group ‘s report on the North Anna Nuclear Plant.

The Bush administration has promoted giveaways to the nuclear energy industry to promote new construction.  Now, General Electric annonced a merger with Hitachi to supply the industry in Mathhew Wald’s New York Times article of today.

General Electric’s main design, the “economic simplified boiling water reactor,” has no orders yet but three companies are seriously considering ordering it. They are Dominion, for its North Anna site in Virginia; Entergy, for River Bend in Louisiana; and NuStart, a consortium established to build reactors, for Grand Gulf in Mississippi.

Two companies are considering building another G.E. model, the advanced boiling water reactor.

According to Greg Edward’s  November 5 story in the Richmond Times Dispatch,

About a year from now, Dominion Virginia Power plans to apply for a license to build and operate a third nuclear reactor at its North Anna power station…

With no explanation given, Reuters wrote that Dominion shut down one of its reactors yesterday. Public Citizen is asking Virginia residents  call key state officials and express outrage about the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s (VDEQ) flawed review of the impact of the two already proposed new nuclear reactors on our water quality.  (fact sheets)

VDEQ has given all indication that it intends to ignore key questions and plans to approve Dominion’s proposal by this Thursday November 16th.

Here’s my sample message:

Please urge VDEQ to extend its deadline for a decision on the Coastal Zone Managament Act (CZMA) certification with regard to Dominion’s proposal to build new reactors at North Anna in Louisa County. 

Unanswered questions remain concerning  high temperatures in the south side of Lake Anna in violation of the Clean Water Act and reductions in downstream flow from the lake into the North Anna River and I have learned that senior officials within VDEQ have suppressed staff and public concerns and refused to answer them.

This is not in keeping with VDEQ’s mission or state and federal law. Once Virginia signs off on this project, our state will lose any say over it for the forseeable future. This is the time for the outstanding questions to be investigated and the proper action to be taken to ensure the health and safety of Virginia’s citizens.

Here are a list of contacts provided by Public Citizen:


Dominion, which the group calls 

 one of the largest and most polluting energy companies in Virginia

applied  for a permit from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to site two new nuclear reactors at its  North Anna plant. Thermal and water-level impacts from new reactors at North Anna would effect Lake Anna, the North Anna River and the York watershed. Dominion submitted a revision to its proposal, in response to citizen protests, but Public Citizen maintains it fails to sufficiently address water evaporation and low downstream flow in the North Anna River. Reduced water levels could damage coastal fisheries and reduce the supply of drinking water.

VDEQ must review Dominion’s proposal because North Anna falls under the purview of the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA), which is designed to protect watersheds significantly impacting  coastal waterways and ecosystems.   VDEQ held a well-attended public hearing in August but according to Public Citizen,

the agency has blocked questions concerning the water impacts from new reactors raised by its own staff in response to the hearing, and has ignored the importance of these questions in correspondence with other state officials.* There is also evidence that senior officials at DEQ have been pressuring other state agencies, such as the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, to retract their concerns and give approval to Dominion’s proposal.  

Those needing more information can contact Melissa Kemp at mkemp@citizen.org or 202-454-5176.


Started tutoring another math student (Algebra II) today, in addition to the two English comp students I have. 



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