The Club for Growth’s Election Success (11/13/06)

The South Park cover of the December issue of the so-called libertarian Reason Magazine attracted my eye at the rack of the mall chain bookstore where I was browsing while waiting for the bus.  (I prefer to patronize the local independents for purchases.) 
 I say so-called, because of what appeared to be glowing coverage of The Club for Growth, which often teams up with National Right to  Life in endorsing candidates.  I thought real libertarians, such as Barry Goldwater, wanted the government out of our bedrooms.  The article is not available yet on-line, but here’s a lauditory blog entry.  To be fair, I also found a negative one taking the Club to task for distancing itself from a gay libertarian.
So, amid the congratulations for the Democrats, I thought I’d follow-up on my September 29r entry on the Club for Growth and see how their candidates did.
  • Tim Walberg (MICH)–won the primary over the incumbent with over $600,000 in donations from the Club.  Now he’s won the general election.  I’m wondering any write-in votes for the more moderate Republican he defeated in the primary skewed the results. Christian World Magazine’s article “Healthy Alliances,”  says he had support of the National Right to Life Committee.  It adds he ran on a platform calling for  

reducing taxes; stopping pork-barrel spending; defending marriage, life, and our constitutional rights.

  • Doug Lamborn (CO)–won his primary  with over $200,000.  Now he’s  won his race.  world says he has NRL support. 
  • Jim Jordan (OH)–won the primary with over  $92,000 from the Club.  Now he’s won his race and according to World,  he also had support from Ohio Right to Life
  • Henry Cueller (TX)–won and received over $170,000.  He’s the only Democrat the Club endorsed.  He won the general election 
  • John Campbell (R-CA)–who had won a first time  in 2005 and received over $118,000

Since the last time I visited the site, the Club had added these primary endorsements who also won according to its scorecard:

  • Bill Sali (R-ID)
  • Adrian Smith (R-NE)

And then there are the incumbents, including our own George Allen.  I’ll write more later, as I have a deadline on a writing project.



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