Entry for November 01, 2006

Map of McDowell County from County site maintained by David Grubb (email).

On of my colleagues who attended the West Virginia Mountaintop Removal Writers’ Tour  emailed me a  story yesterday from the Bluefield paper  about a rock rolling off a mountain removal construction site and landing on the car of an elderly couple Friday, trapping them inside. 

The Beckley-Oak Hill  television station, WOATV  picked up the AP’s story which reported the rock was wheelbarrow size (Google cache seems to be all  that remains online and I can’t find anyone else who used the story).

WVVA, the Bluefield NBC affiliate reported October 31,  in “Mcdowell County Residents Protest” that  folks say someone should have done something about the hazardous era before anything of this sort happed.  Jack Horne, a county resident told reporters,

These two elderly people that were hit with the rocks, could have been prevented, they have no means what-so-ever, no barriers to hold it back, if it does roll off. And these two people was a pillar to the community.

Mark Manchin – McDowell County Superintendent argued,

We have engineers, we have a large number of people involved in this process, and how rocks are moved, so we feel confident that things are being done with safety first and the proper management of large excavation areas.

 Now sadly, Mrs. Collins has died after being on life support in Charleston, where she was transferred after initially being taken to the hospital in Welch with a head injury.



Got a piece of fan mail from Tom Atkins. (blog).!


I was looking for other local bloggers in Botetourt, and found yours on Anita Firebaugh’s site. Wonderful writing and quality things to learn. Thanks for taking the time to do this! (I’ll be back.)



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