Entry for October 14, 2006

The logo is found on the signs along The Crooked Road.  “the musical soul of Virginia’s country connections.”

The sounds of country music beat strong and pure in Virginia, especially in the Southwest Blue Ridge Highlands and Heart of Appalachia regions, connected by The Crooked Road — Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail.

Day and night, the plaintive strains of the mountain ballads and toe-tapping, old-timey dance music echo across this region’s sharp ridges and deep valleys.

Blue Ridge Country Dancers in Floyd has made it to the Virginia Department of Tourism’s site, although for some reason it’s not listed on the Crooked Road Music Heritage  Trail, despite a link on its site suggesting otherwise.  (Maybe because the other stops on the trail are more indigenous.)

Tonight’s dance features the Bubbatones, an old-time band which has played at one of the listed sites on the trail, The Floyd Country Store.  The band has Kathleen O’Connell on fiddle,  John Hollandsworth on rhythm guitar, Kathie Hollandsworth on bass, and Russ Boyd on banjo spunk. The caller will be Rob Harper.




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