Entry for September 12, 2006

The photo of radio sportscaster Vinnie Marinello is from AP is a mug shot from the Sheriff’s Department.

From John Dufresne, today’s short story waiting to be written, a September 8 story from the Tims Picayune by Michelle Hunter, “Marinello booked in wife’s murder: Crime checklist, crumbling alibi did him in, police say .”  The lead:

For six days, investigators wondered exactly how someone as familiar as longtime New Orleans broadcaster Vincent Marinello could execute his estranged wife in broad daylight and get away undetected.

But he took great pains to disguise himself with a false beard and mustache, rode away from a brazen crime on a bicycle and fashioned an out-of-state alibi.

They know because he wrote it all down on paper. And police found what they said is his checklist when they searched his home Wednesday night.

That same paper’s Meghan Gorman reported September 6 in her story, “Family Disects Marinello Marriage,” that the two met when the broadcaster was

 emceeing an Elvis impersonators contest at Mid City Bowling Lanes in 2004….He twirled her on the dance floor that night, according to her mother, who watched from nearby, then he invited her on their first date on Valentine’s Day. They married that fall, on Oct. 24.  

According to ABC affiliate WGNO’s  reportor Brooke Erickson, in her September 8 story, “Marinello Threatened My Daughter’s Life”  Bertha Norman of Purvis, Mississippi, says her daughter married the much older man because he was

nice, settled and mature.

When she went to New York City in June, Liz met Marinello’s brother, who told her she was the third wife, not the second.  She filed for divorce in July.

According to yesterday follow-up story, Marinello posted bail last night after four days.  His attorney,  Donald “Chick” Foret, had been working since Friday to come up with the $250,000 bond. 

On September 12, CNN posted the AP story, “Radio host accused of killing wife bails out of jail.”  Liz Marinello had contacted a lawyer about a divorce in July, according to her mother,  Bertha Norman, who said,   

The lawyer called and told her, “You don’t need a divorce; you need an annulment.”  Marinello “had told her so many lies — that’s why she was divorcing him. But this was the one he didn’t want known.

According to the Times Pucayune’s  Kate Moran in her September 10 portrait, “Charges confound friends of Marinello,”  the “sports icon” sold State Farm insurance before his radio career.  You’re in good hands, huh?


Also from John, Google now has a news archive search of all digitized records, both free and by subscription.  Used in conjunction with free text archives available at libraries, this should be a powerful tool.



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