Entry for September 07, 2006

Poster is from ThinkProgress.

Sheldon Rampton of the Center for Media and Democracy, which produces Sourcewatch.org and PRWatch.org,  has  informative  blog  entries on 9/11 at  Fireddoglake.com, founded by movie producer and writer Jane Hamsher

The first. “Hijacking 9-11,” posted Septembe r6,  is background on ABC’s “docudrama, “The Path to 9-11”   being touted by the conservative blogosphere and pundits.   (Sourcewatch.org also has an extensive article.  as usual, I won’t provide a link, as for some reason, Yahoo will delete the entry.)

The New York Times’s Jessie McKinley September 7 story, “Ex-Clinton Officials Slam 9/11 Mini-Series “ lays out problems Madeline Albright and Sandy Berger have  with the television movie.  Clinton told reporters today,

…I think they ought to tell the truth, particularly if they are going to claim it is based on the 9/11 Commission report. They shouldn’t have scenes that are directly contradicted by the findings of the 9/11 report.

According to New York Daily Post’s Ian Bishop in the September 7 article,  “Bubba goes ballistic,”  the 9-11 Commission Report backs up criticism of scenes that Clinton has asked to be changed.  A Houston Chronicle editorial that same date, “Fabricating history: ABC docudrama on 9/11 jettisons accuracy in favor of fictional sensationalism”  also outlines the problems.

Democrats and DailyKos are marshalling protests, as well as a new blog,  OpenLettertoABC: Don’t Airbruch 911.  Go there and to  ThinkProgress.org for updates. 

 Lest you think that this is mere partisan hackery, consider this September 7 review from U.S. Today ‘s Robert Bianco, “Missteps mar ambitious ‘Path to 9/11’ ”

The attempt is admirable, but in the end, the movie is defeated by its subject and by its willingness to twist that subject to score political points. Too confused for a documentary, insufficiently dramatized for a movie, Path simply doesn’t have the skill needed to support its intentions….

for some viewers, politics will be Path’s stumbling block. In its tone, images, assumptions and factual liberties (led by an invented failed attempt to capture bin Laden), the movie misses no chance to slam the Clinton administration and no opportunity to support a very expansive reading of police powers, here and abroad. (“How do you win a law and orderly war?” “You don’t.”)

Path has enough trouble just following history. Rewriting history is an ambition it should have left at the door. 

Richard Robinson, Chairman, President and CEO of  Scholastic posted this letter to teachers: 

We posted a discussion guide on Wednesday, August 23, which we believe was not in keeping with our high standards—and we took down that guide on Wednesday, September 6. We have rewritten this guide to focus more sharply on the issues of the docudrama as well as the background events.


Tutored a composition student at Virginia Western this evening; my math student decided to go elsewhere for help. 



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