Entry for August 21, 2006

The poster is from HBO’s home page for Spike Lee’s new documentary on the effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans, the first two hours of which aired tonight.

In an interview on the site, Lee explains the title:

One of the significant things about the title is that most people think that it was Katrina that brought about the devastation to New Orleans. But it was a breaching of the levees that put 80 percent of the city under water. It was not the hurricane. And last week the United States Army Corps of Generals went on record and finally ‘fessed up, and said that we fucked up.


The New York Times ran a feature on the documentary, “Agony of New Orleans, Through Spike Lee’s Eyes ”  by Felicia R. Lee on August 3.  The Katrina archives at the Times offers a lot of coverage, but to go right to the source, see the Katrina archive of the  Times Picayune, New Orleans’s daily newspaper.

Times Picayune’s TV columnist Dave Walker’s  review for the Times Picayune,  ran August 17.  He feels that it only told the black portion of the story.  Although I have only seen the first half, I find that criticism harsh.  Here is the Times Picayune’s weblog of reactions to the film.

If you missed the showing, here’s the schedule for other airings.



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