Entry for August 02, 2006

The photo is of “Frieda,” one of five copper repousse panels in “Garden Party” by my friend Blacksburg sculptor Darcy Meeker.

At the bottom of the 4oo block of Washington Street in Roanoke, Virginia, if the street is crowded at night and you park obstructing 2″ of the driveway of your neighbor, she will call the police who will call Rainbow Forest towing, who will try to charge you $215 until you tell the proprietor you know he didn’t take your car after 5:00 p.m. because by that time you had walked out the door,  wondering where the Volvo was which you were planning to drive to Blacksburg for Darcy and Jim’s “Look and Load Party” which they host every summer before taking off for the Loveland, CO Invitational Sculpture Show and Sale.

After Misty Sweet dropped me off at said towing, where there was not a rainbow nor a forest in sight on the locked, barbed-wire topped fenced in premises, I did manage to get to the party, where Darcy had displayed many of her copper and stone pieces, as well as her jewelry

Before she could even leave for the show, she had sold “Kate” to one of Jim’s colleagues and his wife, as well as a piece “Sun and Birds”  and “Square Deal,” the first one at least to some one who had seen her work online.




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