Entry for June 19, 2006

Greeting from the Madison Public Library.  For lunch I’ll be joining Matthew Rothschild, Editor of The Progressive, shown in the above  photo .  

One of  Matt’s special features for the magazine is the McCarthyism Watch, the latest example of which was posted June 14,  “Pentagon Boots Reporters Off Guantanamo.” It turns out that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld sent home  Charlotte Rosenberg of the Miami Herald,  Carol J. Williams of the LA Times and Michael Gordon of the The Charlotte Observer, along with his photographer, Todd Sumlin.  Matt writes

The Charlotte Observer’s story evidently raised the ire of the Pentagon. Lieutenant Commander J. D. Gordon, a Pentagon spokesman, told Editor & Publisher that it had caused “controversy,” though he said that’s not why they were asked to leave.

The Observer article quoted prison commander Colonel Mike Bumgarner ordering a crackdown. “We can’t trust them any farther than we can throw them,” Bumgarner said of the detainees. “There is not a trustworthy son of a . . . in the entire bunch.”

The Observer reporter and photographer went to Guantanamo before the three suicides occurred. They were there to profile Colonel Bumgarner, who is from a town near Charlotte.

“Obviously, my mission changed once the suicides occurred,” Michael Gordon told his newspaper.

“I was very clear with the military and their attaches that I was writing daily stories.”


Brought Matt a copy of Jean Connor’s book, A Cartography of Peace and showed him Diane Gilliam Fisher’s Kettle Bottom.  In return, he suggested Irena Klepfisz and her book, A Few Words in the Mother Tongue.





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