Entry for May 31, 2006

Above is Bobbie Ann Mason as pictured by the University of Kentucky where she she became writer in residence  in the English Department in July 2001. 

At Hindman Settlement School’s annual Appalachian Writer’s Workshop, I was once asked to walk Bobbie Ann back to the Quiltmaker’s Inn, since it was dark, although I doubt whe remembers.  Now  Mary Ann Johnson, the book editor of the Roanoke Times, has  sent me an advance copy of Nancy Culpepper: Stories, due to come out from Random House in July.

You can read an excerpt here.  The New York Times has a page linking to all its features and reviews and audio clips. Michael Sims has an May 1999 interview, “Facing toward home” at Book page, published in response to her Clear Springs: A Memoir (Random House). Johanna Price has a 2000 book out from the University of South Carolina Press, Understanding Bobbie Ann Mason, which is just one of a series of books on southern authors.


UK’s also where Gurney Norman teaches, usually, although he’s currently on leave.  Gurney is one of the first folks I met at Hindman Settlement School.  I last saw him at this year’s Appalachian Studies conference.  His Divine Right’s Trip was the novel featured in the Whole Earth Catalogue and his  Kinfolks remains one of my favorite books of short stories.



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