Entry for May 26, 2006

The above illustration from PhysicsWeb shows scientists have figured how to make items invisible.

Starting in 2000, David Smith and David Schurig  at Duke University and their colleagues constructed artifical”metamaterials,” composites tiny rods, ensembles of metal rings and whatever that  have a negative refractive index .  This means they bend light in the “opposite” direction to ordinary materials. Their electromagnetic properties can also be “tuned” by manipulating their structure.

John Pendry of Imperial College London, Smith and  Schurig have now shown how metamaterials could guide light around a hole within it. Any object placed inside this hole would then be “hidden.”

All this talk of physics coincides with last night’s discussion  at the Blue Katt book group folks of Black Bodies and Quantum Cats by science writer Jennifer Ouellette.  Most folks had trouble with the book.  I just started it today, but my problem is that it is not in enough depth, not that it is too complicated.

The cat in question is Schrodinger’s.  There’s even a not quite interactive website on the topic bu Cecil Adams.



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