Entry for May 22, 2006

The above graphic is for the National day of Out(r)age scheduled for the day after tomorrow, May 24 at the Verizon World Headquarters from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Other actions are being planned that day for Chicago, San Francisco and Boston.  Organizers,  which include saveaccess.org,  Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), NYC Grassroots Media Coalition, Paper Tiger TV, Center for Digital Democracy, Free Press, Association for Community Networking, Action Coalition for Media Education, Chicago Media Action, Media Alliance, Media Tank, CCTV-Cambridge and the Center for Media & Democracy complain that telco companies are 

are spending $1 million a week to buy votes in Congress for their deregulatory legislation COPE HR.5252 and S.2686. Local cities have expressed their opposition to this legislation—now it’s time for the public to stop this phone company backed legislation and demand accountability to local communities and the public interest.

Common Cause has produced an excellent report Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing covering these astroturf groups:

*Consumers for Cable Choice
*Keep It Local NJ
*Internet Innovation Alliance
*Hands off the Internet

And these think tanks:

*Progress and Freedom Foundation
*American Legislative Exchange Council
*New Millennium Research Council
*Frontiers of Freedom

As in other industries there are also paid analysts, a la Patrick Moore and the nuclear industry.  For an interesting article on Jeff Kagan, see the New York Post’s May 3  article, “Paid for Pundit:  Analyst Cashes in on Telcom Talk by Tim Arango.

Timothy Karr takes a look at MiKe McCurry, former Clinton aide, who has sold his services to ATT&T on his blog Media Citizen.



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