Antol Fugard (5/7/06)

The above photograph of Antol Fugard is from the website for the movie,  Tsotsi, based on his novel of the same name,  written in the 1960’s and published in the 198o’s after he had established his reputation as a playwritght and just reissued  March 28  by Grove Press.   I was going to see the film at the Grandin Theatre,with folks from the Temple Emanuel film club at 3:15 p.m., but David just called to tell me that no one else RSVP’d.

The film won the Academy Award for best foreign language film. IMDB’s index of reviews is here.  Reviewing the film in The Guardian on March 17,  Peter Bradshaw  writes  that despite the film’s gritty subject matter, i.e. poverty and crime, it is a pretty safe depction, wearing its heart on its sleeve.  Still, he finds it worthwhile.  The film updates the novel to the present day and he writes, 

it is a pretty grim measure of how little things have changed, in that the story can be transplanted to the modern age by making a duo of cops consist of one white and one black, by making some of the wealthy folks in the gated communities black, and by implying that the township is now not a politically prescribed ghetto, but a tough, American-style urban “hood”.

The Guardian published Fugard’s original notes for the book March 11 in an article, “Birth of a Gangster.” In “Hour of the Thug,” on March 10,  Emma Brockes wrote about issues faced by the South African film industry

The writer and director Gavin Hood  studied film in the U.S. after receiving a law degree in South African.  You can hear an interview with him on  receiving the award  at the Oscar site.

In 1993, Hofstra University published a special Athol Fugard issue of Twentieth Century Literature, indexed by Looksmart.




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  1. Akpante B Says:

    my name is akpante bikwe a directing student in the department of theatre arts university of abuja nigeria. i checked this site because of an assignment given to me by my director to direct any of antol fugard’s a matter of fact i have spent money and time but it seems to be impossible for me to lay my hands on one. please i have you as my last hope please help me send a copy of his plays apart from “swenzebanze is death” to my mail box,, or advice me on what to do. thanks and hope to hear from you shotly.

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