Entry for May 03, 2006

The above photograph is of poet Adrienne Rich, whose essay, “Permeable Membrane” appears in the Spring 2006 Virginia Quarterly Review.  In it, she writes,

Is poetry, should it be, “political”? The question, for me, evaporates once it’s acknowledged that poetic imagination or intuition is never merely unto-itself, free-floating, or self-enclosed. It’s radical, meaning, root-tangled in the grit of human arrangements and relationships: how we are with each other.

The medium is language intensified, intensifying our sense of possible reality.

The issue also includes eight of her poems:  “Voyage to DĂ©nouement,” ” Archaic,” “Skeleton Key”, “Rereading The Dead Lecturer,” “Plain Sight,” “Behind the Motel, “and “Unknown Quantity.”

Thanks to my contra dance friends Rob and Sue, I’ll have a place to stay in Charlottesville when I travel there tomorrow to hear Rich read at the University of Virginia’s Culbreth Hall at 8:00 p.m.



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