NRCC Sleeze in CA (05/01/06)

The land of disgraced Congressman Duke Cunningham (shown above, in an illustration from the Wall Street Journal) is getting pretty sleezy. Sentenced March 3, according to CNN, to serve over eight years in prison, Cunningham resigned his seat representing California, effective December 1, 2005.

Today, I received a report on an election ad on the race to fill his seat from the Annenberg Center’s . April 11, the 50th district voted on 18 candidates — 14 of them Republicans.

The National Republican Crongresssional Committee (NRCC) ad on Democratic candidate Francine Busby (a women’s studies lecturer, who finished first with 43.7 percent of the votes ) charges that she “praised a teacher reported to have child porn saying he was always willing to lend a hand.” This accusation of “dangerous,” behavior fails to tell voters that,in fact, months earlier, Busby, serviing on the Cardiff School Board, acted to strip the teacher of his teaching license.

I guess the Rupublicans want to draw the distinction between child porn and Cunningham’s woes with his lobbyist-provided prostitutes. Also writing on April 27, Scot J. Patrow, in the Wall Street Journal reported prosecutors were investigating whether other members of Congress or their staff received the services of prostitutes provided at Cunningham’s request by Mitchell Wade, who pled guilty in February.

The RCCC ad also claims “with Busby on the school board the district’s deficit sky-rocketed” and that “Busby voted to lay off teachers.” Actually, the school district maintained a comfortable cash reserve every year Busby served. The five lay-offs resulted from funding cuts by the state and produced almost no change in pupil-teacher ratios.

Since no one recieved the required 50 percent to fill Cunningham’s seat until the November election, Busby, on June 6, will face the leading Republican, Brian Bilbray, who won 15.3 percent of the votes. Eric Roach, a wealthy self-financing anti0choice candidate, won 14.5 percent and vows to fight on for the Republican nomination.

Even George Will, writing April 27 in the Washington Post, described the Republicans as in baroque disarray.


Stephen Colbert sent up Bush at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner April 29. Here are some links. (The president wasn’t laughing…)

  • transcript from Chicago attorney Frederick S. Rhine at Daily Koss (email, blog). Wonder if this is this the same attorney who achieved fame for changing his name to Patrick Michael O’Brien, so he could have a better chance of being elected Judge in October 2005?
  • video
  • commentaries: Michael Sherer, Washington Correspondent: “The truthiness hurts,” Joan Walsh, “Making Colbert go away,” and Kerry Lauerman, the compiler of the Video Dog feature, “Colbert’s smart bomb.”
  • Washington Post: Dan Froomkin, “All Kidding Aside.”
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