Entry for April 25, 2006

Peace Takes Courage features the animation of a 15-year old peace activist, Ava Lowery, who lives in Alabama. She has entered the animation contest at Huffington Post and asks your help in getting her message out.

I first learned of her when I read Matt Rothschild’s essay yesterday at The Progressive, “Animation Creator Gets Ugly Slurs.” Avery

submitted one of her latest creations, “WWJD,” to the monthly “contagious” contest that huffingtonpost.com is running. (It’s an open contest that ranks the number of viewers for each submission.)

“WWJD” (“What Would Jesus Do”) is a powerful animation that features a soundtrack of a child singing “Jesus loves me, this I know” while one picture after another of a wounded, bloody, or screaming Iraqi child fills the screen.

“The object of the animation,” says Lowery, is “to get the following point across: Jesus loves Iraqis, too.”

Lowery ends the video with quotations from Beatitudes, including, “Blessed are they who mourn” and “Blessed are the meek” and “Blessed are the merciful” and “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

She says she’s received a lot of positive feedback in short messages back to her site. And she understands that the fact that “people are on the web, and they just let loose.” But she was unprepared for the viciousness of the negative feedback—especially the ugly sexual slurs similar to those that Cindy Sheehan has faced.

Apparently the rabid right believes “No Child Left Behind” applies not to education, but to hateful speech. I’ll not repeat the slurs here. Matt has included them in his story. Suffice it to say they’re really ugly.



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