Hannah Arendt (04/10/06)

The above illustration  of political theorist Hannah Arendt is from the digital archives at the Library of Congress.  You can access many digitalizd images online there.  Especially interesting are a series of three essays with photographs by scholar Jerome Kohn who serves, Director of the Philospphy Department’s Hannah Arendt Center at the New School for Social Research. 

This fall is the centenary of Arend’t birth.  International conferences, events and exhibitions are planned for Germany (where she was born), France (where she lived in exile), and the United States (where she settled and became a citizen in 1951).

For instance, Baylor University’s Jewish Studies Program in Waco, Texas  will co-sponsor a conference November 9-12, in conjunction with the Hannah Arendt Institute, Dresden, Germany


Arendt will  be the topic for study at the NEA summer progrm for teachers at San Diego State University.   How appropriate that the topic will be, “The Political Theory of Hannah Arendt: The Problem of Evil and the Origins of Totalitarianism. ”  

The deadline for this year has passed (sorry) but many insitutions offer a progrm each year.   For instance,  Ferrum will host a session on Appalachian Studies.  There’s still time until June 9 to apply to attend the Massachusettes  teachers’s seminar.



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